Car Accident, Lyft Accident, Uber Accident, Taxi Accident.  Injured passenger or injured driver.

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When an  accident causes you or your loved ones pain, suffering, expense, or even  loss of life, you have legal options for protecting your rights and  obtaining justice. Our Personal Injury Attorneys have helped hundreds of injured accident victims and their  families find justice through high-quality legal services. All clients  receive personal attention during this trying time and are given easy  access to their lawyer so they can meet and discuss the case whenever  they desire.

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Personal injury cases take many forms. We have successfully litigated  cases relating to Car Crashes, Uber Accidents, Lyft Accidents, Taxicab Accidents, Trucking Accidents, Cycling Accidents, and much more. Our firm does not exclusively take “big” injury cases. Every  person’s accident is important to them, and we take the time to meet  with everyone who comes through our doors and give them straightforward  feedback on what we believe a lawsuit could accomplish for them.

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Our Dana Point personal injury lawyer previously worked in the insurance  industry defending them from injury claims, giving him firsthand  experience in the strategies they use to avoid paying reasonable  settlements to victims. We know how to work around their usual tactics  and what aspects of an injury case need to be investigated in order to  yield a successful result.

First  and foremost, clients are our priority. We make ourselves readily  available and listen carefully to any questions or concerns so that we  can help them walk confidently down the road ahead.