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Dedicated Attorneys Advocating for Victims of Rideshare Accidents.  We are here to help with your Uber or Lyft Accident!!

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Uber Accidents

Passengers in Uber accidents are covered by unique insurance policies.  If you were a passenger during an Uber accident, or hit by an Uber driver, our attorneys are here to help navigate the claim process and get you the recovery you deserve.

Lyft Accidents

Like with Uber accidents, Lyft Accidents are covered by Lyft's insurance policies.  If you are a passenger in a Lyft accident, or hit by a Lyft driver, our Orange County Lyft Accident and Uber Accident Attorneys are here to help.

Taxicab Accidents

Uber Accident and Lyft Accident Attorneys.  Experienced in handling all types of rideshare accident and taxi accident cases.  Call your experienced rideshare accident attorney today at (949) 335-0020.

Know Your Rights!

Rideshare services are becoming more and more popular. If you have  suffered an accident while using a service like Uber, Lyft, or a Taxi in the Orange County area, reach out to us. Our Orange County rideshare accident lawyer is experienced in litigating this specific category of car accident injury, and can clearly explain your  rights and what can be expected from a lawsuit. Hire an experienced attorney that you can trust.

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Rosen Law Offices is made up of a  small team of skilled attorneys and paralegals that work collaboratively to  resolve Uber and Lyft Accident cases. We believe in working closely with clients to create a  strong relationship and make them feel confident about our handling of  their case.

FAQS on Rideshare Accidents

Have a question? Our Uber Accident and Lyft Accident Attorneys have likely addressed a similar inquiry before.  Call us any time at (949) 431-2529 or check out our FAQ section for quick answers.

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